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Author: Didier Willame
Date of last change: 29 May 2020
Initial date: 16 December 2019
Keys: organization, optimization and intelligence


This blog supports the project ppm suite.

The blog content is, of course, based on classical management approaches, but we voluntary use simple and not technical terms and explanations.

Preliminary Mind Map

high level mind map

Lambda's Experience - Paper Sheets and Ring Binders

Describe the Current Status (ASIS)

lambda's experience, paper sheets and ring binders, inital status This anonymized photo depaints the initial status! You can observe loose sheets and ring binders, all dealing with different subjects. These range from official documents to be kept carefully to handwritten notes to be dealt with appropriately. The materials are messy and sometimes in duplicate.

Define Goals (TOBE)

In general, goals are often necessities to do business more efficiently or simply desires and wishes.

In this case, we would like:

Understand What Makes an Organization Weak

The weakness is temporary (one time or periodically), the situation is progressively deteriorating for some time, or it has always been like that.

In this case, the situation is progressively deteriorating for some time. Why?

Understand What Makes an Organization Strong

Understand What Are the Ways to Reach the Goals

The current approach proposes to thrown away as much as possible your objects. Do you agree or not? We recommend having a more discriminating approach. Do not be ashamed to follow your own rules! Don't feel guilty to throw away or to keep objects (e.g. why do not offer your childhood toys for which you have no attachment anymore? or why do no keep your first Dinky Toys with which you were so joyful?). These choices in most of the time, are the reflection of a rich personality!

We divide the problem into the following four main approaches:


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